Young & in Love.
A notebook story romance. <3

Anonymous asked: i went to homecoming with this guy who apparently really liked me, but it was kinda awkward cause he was a good friend of mine and he hasnt spoken a word to me since the dance. My friend texted him telling him that he was ruining his chances, and he responded "what evs" and i dont know what to do, because everyone told me he was in love with me... but now...


I actually just asked my boyfriend this so you could get a guys perspective. He said, “I would much rather the girl I like or liked me to come forth and try to talk to me rather than getting a friend to get us together. Guys are also very scared of rejection so if you haven’t tried to contact him that much he may be afraid that you will reject him if he does ask you out. Personally, I’d rather a girl just ask me to hang out with her and just see where it goes from there.” So basically have if you haven’t tried to talk to him since then you should text him and get a conversation going! If he likes you he may not tell your friend because if he does get rejected it’s  just between the two of you. Hope this helps!!

evening-crush asked: Omg, I just found your blog a&&&&nd I love it! Keep it up! OH! And, good luck to you and your guy! <3


Thank you so much! Sorry this is so late!!

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